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  1. Provincialising the State: Symbiotic Nature and Survival Politics in Post-World War Zero Japan (PDF, 0.3MB)Sho Konishi doi
  2. Social Change and Rediscovering Rural Reconstruction in China (PDF, 0.6MB)Ou Ning doi
  3. A Century of Social Alternatives in a Japanese Mountain Community (PDF, 0.8MB)Tessa Morris-Suzuki doi
  4. Transnational Activism and Japan’s Second Modernity (PDF, 0.2MB)Simon Avenell doi
  5. Animism: A Grassroots Response to Socioenvironmental Crisis in Japan (PDF, 0.6MB)Shoko Yoneyama doi
  6. Informal Labour, Local Citizens and the Tokyo Electric Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Crisis: Responses to Neoliberal Disaster Management (PDF, 0.4MB)Adam Broinowski doi
  7. National Subjects, Citizens and Refugees: Thoughts on the Politics of Survival, Violence and Mourning following the Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea (PDF, 0.6MB)Cho (Han) Haejoang doi
  8. Thinking of Art as Informal Life Politics in Hong Kong (PDF, 1.2MB)Olivier Krischer doi
  9. Informal Life Politics of Marketisation in North Korea (PDF, 0.4MB)Eun Jeong Soh doi
  10. Social Innovation in Asia: Trends and Characteristics in China, Korea, India, Japan and Thailand (PDF, 0.4MB)The Hope Institute doi