Connected and Disconnected in Viet Nam »

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  1. Social Relations, Regional Variation, and Economic Inequality in Contemporary Vietnam: A View from Two Vietnamese Rural Communities (PDF, 325KB) – Hy V. Luong doi
  2. The Dynamics of Return Migration in Vietnam’s Rural North: Charity, Community and Contestation (PDF, 235KB) – Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh doi
  3. Women as Fish: Rural Migration and Displacement in Vietnam (PDF, 575KB) – Linh Khanh Nguyen doi
  4. ‘Here, Everyone is Like Everyone Else!’: Exile and Re-emplacement in a Vietnamese Leprosy Village (PDF, 217KB) – Yen Le doi
  5. ‘The Red Seedlings of the Central Highlands’: Social Relatedness and Political Integration of Select Ethnic Minority Groups in Post-War Vietnam (PDF, 217KB) – Nguyen Thu Huong doi
  6. The Struggle to be Poor in Vietnam’s Northern Borderlands: Political Metis and Biopower in the Local State Arena (PDF, 239KB) – Peter Chaudhry doi
  7. Thai Entourage Politics in the Socialist State of Vietnam (PDF, 273KB) – Ha Viet Quan doi
  8. Searching for a Khmer Monastic Higher Education in Post‑Socialist Vietnam (PDF, 221KB) – Philip Taylor doi
  9. Described, Inscribed, Written Off: Heritagisation as (Dis)connection (PDF, 224KB) – Oscar Salemink doi
  10. Geographies of Connection and Disconnection: Narratives of Seafaring in Lý Sơn (PDF, 240KB) – Edyta Roszko doi