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  1. Archival Objects and the Circulation of Culture (PDF, 631KB)Amanda Harris doi

Part 1: C. P. Mountford and the Circulation of Music, Dance and Film

  1. Beth Dean and the Transnational Circulation of Aboriginal Dance Culture: Gender, Authority and C. P. Mountford (PDF, 875KB) - Victoria Haskins doi
  2. The Circle of Songs: Traditional Song and the Musical Score to C. P. Mountford’s Documentary Films (PDF, 530KB)Anthony Linden Jones doi
  3. Hearing Aboriginal Music Making in Non-Indigenous Accounts of the Bush from the Mid-Twentieth Century (PDF, 2.8MB)Amanda Harris doi

Part 2: Transformation and Repatriation 

  1. Song as Artefact: The Reclaiming of Song Recordings Empowering Indigenous Stakeholders—and the Recordings Themselves (PDF, 1.4MB)Genevieve Campbell doi
  2. Turning Subjects into Objects and Objects into Subjects: Collecting Human Remains on the 1948 Arnhem Land Expedition (PDF, 2.0MB)Martin Thomas doi

Part 3: Cultural Journeys in the Top End

  1. The Role of Songs in Connecting the Living and the Dead: A Funeral Ceremony for Nakodjok in Western Arnhem Land (PDF, 2.4MB)Reuben Brown doi
  2. Cross and Square: Variegation in the Transmission of Songs and Musical Styles Between the Kimberley and Daly Regions of Northern Australia (PDF, 2.3MB)Sally Treloyn doi
  3. Listening to Heavy Metal in Wadeye (PDF, 903KB)John Mansfield doi