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craft + design enquiry: issue 5, 2013 »

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  1. A world in making (PDF, 95KB)Suzie Attiwill
  2. Jewellery, the urban milieu and emergence (PDF, 2.1MB)Jacqui Chan
  3. The generative loom: Tapestry in the community (PDF, 537KB)Kirsty Darlaston
  4. Pursuing a sense of the emergent through craft practices in architectural design (PDF, 1.1MB)Michael Davis
  5. Crafting the imaginary: The deteriorating idea and sentimental plan of the ideal city (PDF, 342KB)Erin Hinton and Craig Bremner
  6. Void. Interstitial practices of doubt and reward (PDF, 961KB)Marieluise Jonas and Heike Rahmann
  7. (Un)making Canberra: Craft and the designing of settler-colonialism in Australia (PDF, 942KB)Matthew Norman Kiem
  8. Crafting social innovators: Designing collaborative, participative, networked solutions in urban contexts (PDF, 597KB)Marzia Mortati and Beatrice Villari
  9. This home is a factory: Implications of the Maker movement on urban environments (PDF, 112KB)Mark Richardson, Susie Elliott and Brad Haylock