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Part I. Water and the Basin

  1. Understanding the Basin and its Dynamics (PDF, 469KB) John Williams
  2. Freshwater Ecosystem Conservation: Principles versus policy (PDF, 340KB)Jamie Pittock, C. Max Finlayson
  3. Environmental Water: The Benefits of Ecological Goods and Services (PDF, 586KB) Richard H. Norris
  4. Climate Change and its Impacts – Current understanding, future directions (PDF, 590KB) Nick Schofield

Part II. Communities

  1. Basin Bookends, the Community Perspective (PDF, 473KB) Leith Boully, Karlene Maywalda
  2. The Media and the Guide to the Basin Plan (PDF, 729KB) Åsa Wahlquist
  3. Rethinking Community in the Face of Natural Resources Management Challenges (PDF, 581KB) Martin Mulligan
  4. Why justice is important (PDF, 648KB) Catherine Gross
  5. Indigenous Water Management: Priorities for the next five years (PDF, 736KB) Sue Jackson
  6. Water Planning and Dispossession (PDF, 680KB) Jessica K Weir
  7. The Future of the Basin: Thriving or dying communities? (PDF, 1.1MB) Chris Miller

Part III. Legal issues

  1. A Sustainable Murray–Darling Basin: The legal challenges (PDF, 927KB) Douglas Fisher
  2. Evidentiary Issues with the Implementation of the Sustainability Duty of Care in the Basin Plan (PDF, 199KB) Jennifer McKay

Part IV. Economics

  1. Economic Costs and Benefits of the Proposed Basin Plan (PDF, 1.8MB) R. Quentin Grafton
  2. Multiple Benefits through the Life Cycle of the Basin Plan (PDF, 913KB) Darla Hatton MacDonald, Rosalind Bark, Dustin Garrick, Onil Banerjee, Jeff Connor, Mark Morrison
  3. Modelling Challenges (PDF, 298KB) Qiang Jiang
  4. Irrigators, Water Trading, the Environment and Debt: Buying water entitlements for the environment (PDF, 1.0MB) Henning Bjornlund, Sarah Wheeler, Jeremy Cheesman
  5. Economic Perspectives of the Proposed Basin Plan for the Southern Connected Murray (PDF, 881KB) Donna Brennan
  6. Managing Risk in the Murray-Darling Basin (PDF, 968KB) John Quiggin

Part V. Governance

  1. The Role of the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (PDF, 997KB) Daniel Connell
  2. Improving Water Planning Processes: Priorities for the next five years (PDF, 1.0MB) Mark Hamstead
  3. Connecting Science and Engagement: Setting groundwater extraction limits using a stakeholder-led decision-making process (PDF, 277KB) Stuart Richardson, Ray Evans, Glenn Harrington
  4. Comparative Perspectives on Basin Governance in the Murray–Darling Basin: Insights from the western United States (PDF, 273KB) Dustin Garrick, Rosalind Bark
  5. What Can the Murray–Darling Basin Plan Achieve? Will it be enough? (PDF, 200KB) Neil Byron
  6. Planning as Performance: The Murray–Darling Basin Plan (PDF, 236KB) Ray Ison, Philip Wallis
  7. Enhancing Collaborative Management in the Basin (PDF, 359KB) Katherine A. Daniell
  8. Improving the Basin Plan: Options for consideration (PDF, 1.1MB) Mike Young