Situating Women

Situating Women

Gender Politics and Circumstance in Fiji

Authored by: Nicole George

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Since the time of decolonisation in Fiji, women’s organisations have navigated a complex political terrain. While they have stayed true to the aim of advancing women’s status, their work has been buffeted by national political upheavals and changing global and regional directions in development policy-making. This book documents how women activists have understood and responded to these challenges.  It is the first book to write women into Fiji’s postcolonial history, providing a detailed historical account of that country’s gender politics across four tumultuous decades.  It is also the first to examine the ‘situated’ nature of gender advocacy in the Pacific Islands more broadly. It does this by analysing trends in activity, from women’s radical and provocative activism of the 1960s to a more self-evaluative and reflexive mood of engagement in later decades, showing how interplaying global and local factors can shape women’s understandings of gender justice and their pursuit of that goal.


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Publication date:
Nov 2012
ANU Press
Social Sciences: Development Studies, Gender Studies, Politics & International Studies, Social Policy & Administration
Pacific: Fiji


In the Journal of Pacific History, Teresia Teaiwa reviews Situating Women: Gender Politics and Circumstance in Fiji by Nicole George.

Teaiwa describes Fiji as a significant area of concentration for women’s activism in the Pacific in recent decades, and finds it surprising that more has not been written on this subject. Teaiwa finds George’s text “helpful” in “stepping into the breach”, while at the same time expressing hope that more will be written on Fijian activist women.

Teaiwa finds that “the book attempts to convey some of the complex politics of race, ethnicity and culture that have shaped the ability of women to engage in national and international forums of agenda-setting and decision-making”. She goes on to say that the book has “captured a valuable range of generational, organizational and political perspectives”.

(Teresia Teaiwa, review of Situating Women: Gender Politics and Circumstance in Fiji by Nicole George, Journal of Pacific History, 50:1, pp. 99–101.)

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