Transcending the Culture–Nature Divide in Cultural Heritage

Transcending the Culture–Nature Divide in Cultural Heritage

Views from the Asia–Pacific region

Edited by: Sally Brockwell orcid, Sue O'Connor orcid, Denis Byrne

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While considerable research and on-ground project work focuses on the interface between Indigenous/local people and nature conservation in the Asia-Pacific region, the interface between these people and cultural heritage conservation has not received the same attention. This collection brings together papers on the current mechanisms in place in the region to conserve cultural heritage values. It will provide an overview of the extent to which local communities have been engaged in assessing the significance of this heritage and conserving it. It will address the extent to which management regimes have variously allowed, facilitated or obstructed continuing cultural engagement with heritage places and landscapes, and discuss the problems agencies experience with protection and management of cultural heritage places.


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Dec 2013
Terra Australis 36
ANU Press
Terra Australis
Arts & Humanities: Archaeology; Social Sciences: Anthropology, Indigenous Studies

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Transcending the Culture–Nature Divide in Cultural Heritage »

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  1. Nature and culture in World Heritage management: A view from the Asia-Pacific (or, never waste a good crisis!) (PDF, 192KB)Ian Lilley doi
  2. Customary systems of management and World Heritage in the Pacific Islands (PDF, 242KB)Anita Smith, Cate Turk doi
  3. Poetics and politics: Bikini Atoll and World Heritage Listing (PDF, 1.7MB)Steve Brown doi
  4. Nature and culture in a global context: A case study from World Heritage Listed Komodo National Park, eastern Indonesia (PDF, 198KB)Sandra Pannell doi
  5. Changing perspectives on the relationship between heritage, landscape and local communities: A lesson from Borobudur (PDF, 1.1MB)Daud A. Tanudirjo doi
  6. Being on Country: Githabul approaches to mapping culture (PDF, 2.1MB)Nick McClean doi
  7. Exploring the role of archaeology within Indigenous natural resource management: A case study from Western Australia (PDF, 1.1MB)David Guilfoyle, Myles Mitchell, Cat Morgan, Harley Coyne, Vernice Gillies doi
  8. Traim tasol … Cultural heritage management in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 103KB)Tim Denham doi
  9. Hierarchies of engagement and understanding: Community engagement during archaeological excavations at Khao Toh Chong rockshelter, Krabi, Thailand (PDF, 1.3MB)Ben Marwick, Rasmi Shoocongdej, Cholawit Thongcharoenchaikit, Boonyarit Chaisuwan, Chaowalit Khowkhiew, Suengki Kwak doi
  10. Local heritage and the problem with conversion (PDF, 1.4MB)Anna Karlström doi
  11. The WCPA’s Natural Sacred Sites Taskforce: A critique of conservation biology’s view of popular religion (PDF, 111KB)Denis Byrne doi
  12. Sacred places in Ussu and Cerekang, South Sulawesi, Indonesia: Their history, ecology and pre-Islamic relation with the Bugis kingdom of Luwuq (PDF, 1.7MB)David Bulbeck doi
  13. Cultural heritage and its performative modalities: Imagining the Nino Konis Santana National Park in East Timor (PDF, 110KB)Andrew McWilliam doi
  14. The dynamics of culture and nature in a ‘protected’ Fataluku landscape (PDF, 3.5MB)Sue O’Connor, Sandra Pannell, Sally Brockwell doi

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