Politics, Development and Security in Oceania »

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  1. A Changing Oceania (PDF, 334KB)David Hegarty doi

Oceania and its Inheritance

  1. Post-Colonial Political Institutions in the South Pacific Islands: A Survey (PDF, 397KB)Jon Fraenkel doi
  2. The Military in Post-Colonial Fiji (PDF, 213KB)Jone Baledrokadroka doi
  3. The Political Roles of the Fiji Military: A Brief History of the Chiefs’ Warriors, Heroes of the World Wars, Peacekeepers and Dictators (PDF, 293KB)Hélène Goiran doi
  4. One Party State: The Samoan Experience (PDF, 269KB)Afamasaga Toleafoa doi
  5. Instability and Stability in New Caledonia (PDF, 204KB)Jean-Yves Faberon doi
  6. Democracy in French Polynesia (PDF, 457KB)Sémir Al Wardi doi

Oceania: Current Needs and Challenges

  1. Stability, Security and Development in Oceania: Whose Definitions? (PDF, 2.2MB)Treva D. Braun doi
  2. Millennium Development Goals and the Pacific (PDF, 474KB)Linda Petersen doi
  3. Leading the March for Gender Equality? Women Leaders in the Public Services of Samoa and Solomon Islands (PDF, 337KB)Asenati Liki Chan Tung doi
  4. Young People Creating the Future Today: Youth Development in the Pacific (PDF, 262KB)Rose Maebiru doi
  5. Tourism Issues in the Pacific (PDF, 505KB)Susana Taua’a doi
  6. Rural Development: Back on the Agenda in the Western Pacific? (PDF, 502KB)Matthew G. Allen doi

Oceania and its Wider Setting

  1. Regionalism: Performance and Promise (PDF, 728KB)Henry Ivarature doi
  2. How Relevant are European Models of Government to Pacific Island States? (PDF, 520KB)Jon Fraenkel doi
  3. Regional Security and the Major Powers: An Overview (PDF, 791KB)James Bunce doi