Civic Insecurity

Civic Insecurity

Law, Order and HIV in Papua New Guinea

Edited by: Vicki Luker, Sinclair Dinnen orcid

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Papua New Guinea has a complex ‘law and order’ problem and an entrenched epidemic of HIV. This book explores their interaction. It also probes their joint challenges and opportunities—most fundamentally for civic security, a condition that could offer some immunity to both.

This book is a valuable and timely contribution to a limited but growing body of scholarship in the social and structural contexts of HIV epidemiology in Papua New Guinea. The volume offers a unique collection of interdisciplinary insights on the connections between law and order and the HIV epidemic and is presented in a manner accessible to a wide audience, scholars and lay people alike… Significantly, this is the first volume to critically examine the complex and inexorable links between HIV, gender, violence, and security within a theoretical framework that illuminates the challenges of the epidemic for PNG’s future cohesion and stability as a young nation…The importance of this courageous book cannot be overstated. While it communicates an urgent and potent message about the need for immediate action … it offers insightful reflections on the processes and possibilities of social transformation that undoubtedly will have enduring scholarly and practical value.
Dr Katherine Lepani, Social Foundations of Medicine, The Australian National University.


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Publication date:
Dec 2010
ANU Press
State, Society and Governance in Melanesia
Arts & Humanities: Cultural Studies; Law; Social Sciences: Gender Studies, Social Policy & Administration
Pacific: Papua New Guinea

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  1. Entwined Endemics: HIV and ‘Law and Order’ (PDF, 330KB)Vicki Luker and Sinclair Dinnen doi

Masculinity, Violence and HIV

  1. Masculinity Matters: Men, Gender-Based Violence and the AIDS Epidemic in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 202KB)Richard Eves doi
  2. Teasing out the Tangle: Raskols, Young Men, Crime and HIV (PDF, 609KB)Vicki Luker with Michael Monsell-Davis doi

Networking, Sex Working and the Law

  1. From Gift to Commodity … and Back Again: Form and Fluidity of Sexual Networking in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 137KB)Lawrence Hammar doi
  2. Decriminalisation of Prostitution in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 108KB)Karen Fletcher and Bomal Gonapa doi
  3. Sex Workers and Police in Port Moresby (1994–1998): Research and Intervention (PDF, 108KB)Carol Jenkins doi

Police, Prisons, Army and Mainstreaming HIV

  1. The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (PDF, 109KB)Abby McLeod and Martha Macintyre doi
  2. Prisons and HIV in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 107KB) – Greg Law and Sinclair Dinnen doi
  3. HIV and the Papua New Guinea Defence Force: Risk Behaviours and Perceptions (PDF, 126KB) – Joachim Pantumari, Peter Bamne and Vicki Luker doi
  4. Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS in the Law and Justice Sector (PDF, 111KB)Ian Patrick doi

Governance, Rights and Security

  1. Witchcraft, Torture and HIV (PDF, 141KB)Nicole Haley doi
  2. Community-building and Security: Case Studies (PDF, 147KB) – Sinclair Dinnen, John Cartwright, Madeleine Jenneker, Clifford Shearing, Isaac Wai and Paul Maia doi
  3. Re-thinking Human Rights and the HIV Epidemic: A Reflection on Power and Goodness (PDF, 117KB)Elizabeth Reid doi
  4. Enabling Environments: the Role of the Law (PDF, 105KB) – Christine Stewart doi
  5. HIV and Security in Papua New Guinea: National and Human Insecurity (PDF, 132KB)Michael O’Keefe doi

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