Critical Reflections on Australian Public Policy

Critical Reflections on Australian Public Policy

Selected Essays

Edited by: John Wanna orcid

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This collection of ‘critical reflections’ on Australian public policy offers a valuable contribution to public discussion of important political and policy issues facing our nation and society. These essays are important not only because of the reputation and position of the various contributors, but because they are incredibly ‘content rich’ and brimming with new ideas.

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Part 1: Reflections on Freedom

  1. Federalism and the engine room of prosperity (PDF, 117KB)The Hon Wayne Swan MP, Treasurer of Australia doi
  2. Does federalism work? (PDF, 114KB)The Hon John Brumby MP, Premier of Victoria doi
  3. What has federalism ever done for us? (PDF, 114KB)The Hon Anna Bligh MP, Premier of Queensland doi
  4. Splicing the perspectives of the Commonwealth and states into a workable federation (PDF, 118KB)Terry Moran AO doi
  5. The reform imperative and Commonwealth–state relations (PDF, 125KB)The Hon John Brumby MP, Treasurer of Victoria doi
  6. Fostering creativity and innovation in cooperative federalism—the uncertainty and risk dimensions (PDF, 127KB)Mark Matthews doi

Part 2. Reflections on policy and politics

  1. Cabinet government: Australian style (PDF, 97KB)Patrick Weller AO doi
  2. Consumers and small business: at the heart of the Trade Practices Act (PDF, 136KB)Graeme Samuel AO doi
  3. Constitutional litigation and the Commonwealth (PDF, 108KB)David Bennett AC QC doi
  4. Evidence-based policy making: what is it and how do we get it? (PDF, 155KB)Gary Banks AO doi

Part 3. Reflections on governance and leadership

  1. The two cultures re-examined: a perspective on leadership and policy management in business and government (PDF, 143KB)Philip M Burgess doi
  2. Leading the Australian Defence Force (PDF, 115KB)Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston AO AFC doi
  3. Essential linkages—situating political governance, transparency and accountability in the broader reform agenda (PDF, 140KB)Andrew Murray doi

Part 4. Reflections on adaptive change

  1. Higher education: it’s time … (to change the policy framework) (PDF, 120KB)Ian Chubb AC doi
  2. Achieving a ‘conservation economy’ in indigenous communities: a Canadian model for greening and growing local economies (PDF, 121KB)Ian Gill doi
  3. From crystal sets to the double helix in one journalist’s lifetime (PDF, 137KB)Peter Thompson doi

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