‘True Biographies of Nations?’

‘True Biographies of Nations?’

The Cultural Journeys of Dictionaries of National Biography

Edited by: Karen Fox orcid

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Dictionaries of national biography are a long-established and significant genre of biographical and historical writing, existing in many forms across the globe. This book brings together practitioners from around the English‑speaking world to reflect on national biographical dictionary projects’ recent cultural journeys, and the challenges presented to them by such developments as the transition to a digital environment, a new alertness to the need to represent diversity, and the rise of transnationalism. Exploring their paths forward, the chapters of this book collectively make a powerful argument for the continued value and importance of large‑scale collaborative biographical dictionary research.


ISBN (print):
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Publication date:
Apr 2019
ANU Press
Biography Series
Arts & Humanities: Biography & Autobiography, History
Australia; Europe: United Kingdom; North America; World

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‘True Biographies of Nations?’ »

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  1. The Cultural Journeys of Dictionaries of Biography (PDF, 0.1MB)Karen Fox doi

Part I: The Digital Age

  1. Individual Lives and National Truths: Locating Biographies within a National Encyclopedia (PDF, 0.1MB)Jock Phillips doi
  2. The Irish World: How to Revise a Long-Standing Dictionary Project (PDF, 0.2MB)Turlough O’Riordan doi
  3. What is National Biography For? Dictionaries and Digital History (PDF, 0.2MB)Philip Carter doi
  4. Using Lives: The Australian Dictionary of Biography and Its Related Corpora (PDF, 0.2MB)Melanie Nolan doi

Part II: The Representational Challenge

  1. Why Gender Matters: Fostering Diversity in the American National Biography with Lessons Learned from Notable American Women (PDF, 0.1MB)Susan Ware doi
  2. Women and the Biographies of Nations: The Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women (PDF, 0.2MB)Elizabeth Ewan doi
  3. An Indigenous Australian Dictionary of Biography (PDF, 0.2MB)Shino Konishi doi
  4. Writing the Nation in Two Languages: The Dictionary of Welsh Biography (PDF, 0.1MB)Dafydd Johnston doi

Part III: The Transnational Dimension

  1. Writing a Dictionary of World Biography (PDF, 0.1MB)Barry Jones doi
  2. British National Biography and Global British Lives: From the DNB to the ODNB—and Beyond? (PDF, 0.1MB)David Cannadine doi
  3. The Dictionary of Canadian Biography and the Irish Diaspora (PDF, 0.1MB)David A. Wilson doi

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