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Part I: The Australians (PDF, 97KB) – Geoffrey Gray and Christine Winter

  1. A. P. Elkin: Public morale and propaganda (PDF, 158KB) – John Pomeroy doi
  2. Conlon’s Remarkable Circus (PDF, 124KB) – Cassandra Pybus doi
  3. H. Ian Hogbin: ‘Official adviser on native affairs’ (PDF, 166KB) – Geoffrey Gray doi
  4. W. E. H. Stanner: Wasted war years (PDF, 147KB) – Geoffrey Gray doi
  5. Camilla Wedgwood: ‘what are you educating natives for’ (PDF, 139KB) – David Wetherell doi
  6. Ronald Murray Berndt: ‘Work of national importance’ (PDF, 133KB) – Geoffrey Gray doi
  7. The Road to Conlon’s Circus—and Beyond: A personal retrospective (PDF, 111KB) – J. D. Legge doi

Part II: The New Zealanders (PDF, 87KB) – Doug Munro

  1. Derek Freeman at War (PDF, 1.0MB) – Peter Hempenstall doi
  2. J. W. Davidson on the Home Front (PDF, 158KB) – Doug Munro doi
  3. Neville Phillips and the Mother Country (PDF, 150KB) – Jock Phillips doi
  4. Dan Davin: The literary legacy of war (PDF, 159KB) – Janet Wilson doi