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  1. Rebalancing the Chinese Economy to Sustain Long-Term Growth (PDF, 318KB) Huw McKay and Ligang Song

Part 1. Rebalancing Economic Growth: Significance, Requirements and Impact

  1. Looking Inward for Growth (PDF, 249KB) Rod Tyers
  2. Financial Repression and China’s Economic Imbalances (PDF, 707KB) Anders C. Johansson
  3. Narrowing China’s Current Account Surplus (PDF, 879KB) Guonan Ma, Robert McCauley and Lillie Lam
  4. Has the ‘Flying Geese’ Phenomenon in Industrial Transformation Occurred in China? (PDF, 990KB) Yue Qu, Fang Cai and Xiaobo Zhang
  5. China’s Processing Trade (PDF, 2.4MB) Miaojie Yu and Wei Tian
  6. Upgrading China’s Economy through Outward Foreign Direct Investment (PDF, 253KB) Bijun Wang

Part 2. Sustaining Economic Growth: Policy Challenges and Implications

  1. Intra-Provincial Inequality in China (PDF, 2.5MB) Tsun Se Cheong and Yanrui Wu
  2. Mapping Modes of Rural Labour Migration in China (PDF, 1.5MB) Sylvie Démurger
  3. Climbing the Intergenerational Ladder of Education in Urban, Migrant and Rural China (PDF, 2.8MB) Jane Golley and Sherry Tao Kong
  4. Demographic Transition in Rural China (PDF, 1.4MB) Funing Zhong and Jing Xiang
  5. Building Social Welfare in China (PDF, 2.2MB) Andrew Watson
  6. An Empirical Study of China’s High-Tech Industry Innovation Capability in Transition (PDF, 320KB) Zhiyun Zhao and Chaofeng Yang
  7. The Impact of China’s Economic Growth on its Water Resources (PDF, 2.4MB) Hong Yang, Zhuoying Zhang and Minjun Shi
  8. Why Are the Stakes So High? (PDF, 3.2MB) ZhongXiang Zhang