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Politics and State Building in Solomon Islands »

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State building

  1. Dilemmas of intervention and the building of state and nation (PDF, 281KB)


  1. Politics of disorder: the social unrest in Honiara (PDF, 211KB)
  2. No more walkabout long Chinatown: Asian involvement in the economic and political process (PDF, 301KB)

Elections and Political Process

  1. Westminster meets Solomons in the Honiara riots (PDF, 215KB)
  2. Rainbows across the mountains: the first post–RAMSI general elections (PDF, 389KB)
  3. The impact of RAMSI on the 2006 elections (PDF, 288KB)


  1. RAMSI–the way ahead (PDF, 107KB)

Provincial Perspectives

  1. Kastom (PDF, 217KB) and theocracy: a reflection on governance from the uttermost part of the world
  2. The coup nobody noticed: the Solomon Islands Western State movement in 2000 (PDF, 268KB)
  3. Crisis in Solomon Islands: foraging for new directions (PDF, 213KB)