Planning and Managing Scientific Research

Planning and Managing Scientific Research

A guide for the beginning researcher

Authored by: Brian Kennett orcid

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Although there are many books on project management, few address the issues associated with scientific research. This work is based on extensive scientific research and management experiences and is designed to provide an introduction to planning and managing scientific research for the beginning researcher. The aim is to build an understanding of the nature of scientific research, and the way in which research projects can be developed, planned and managed to a successful outcome. The book is designed to help the transition from being a member of a research team to developing a project and making them work, and to provide a framework for future work. The emphasis of the book is on broadly applicable principles that can be of value irrespective of discipline. It should be of value to researchers in the later stages of Ph.D. work and Postdoctoral workers, and also for independent researchers.


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Mar 2014
ANU Press
Science: Other

PDF Chapters

Planning and Managing Scientific Research »

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1. The Nature of Research and Innovation (PDF, 194KB)

  • Introduction
  • What is research?
  • Styles of research and innovation
  • Limitations on research activities
  • Developing a research topic

2. The Life Cycle of a Project (PDF, 256KB)

  • Developing a new project
  • Building a research proposal
  • Submitting a proposal
  • Proposal review
  • Project completion

3. How to Plan and Manage a Project (PDF, 381KB)

  • Project planning
  • Simple projects
  • Project management tools
  • Tracking real progress
  • Measures of performance
  • Reporting requirements
  • Risk analysis
  • Intellectual property issues

4. Communicating Research (PDF, 158KB)

  • Preparing a publication
  • Seminars and conference presentations
  • Project web pages
  • Studying classic papers

5. Research Issues (PDF, 141KB)

  • Working with the research team
  • Working with management structures
  • The impact of problems
  • Ethics in research

6. Case Studies (PDF, 594KB)

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