The Muse as I Hear Her

The Muse as I Hear Her

Authored by: Giles Pickford

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This volume, The Muse as I Hear Her, has been compiled at the urging of ANU Emeritus Faculty to honour Giles Pickford, an admired colleague of long standing. Giles began his appointment in the ANU Public Affairs Division on the 21st of November 1988 and retired on the 8th of May 1998. At that time, a group of colleagues had formed an association that was to become the ANU Emeritus Faculty. From 1998 to the end of 2012, Giles was Secretary to the Emeritus Faculty. He served the Emeritus Faculty for a longer period than he was officially employed at ANU, and continued in the role of Corresponding Secretary until health intervened at the age of 73.
The Emeritus Faculty wanted to honour Giles for his good fellowship and for the many services he rendered to the Faculty by highlighting one of Giles' special interests: his close involvement in the ANU Poets' Lunch.
This volume is a token of recognition from friends and colleagues to Giles Pickford for his multiple contributions to the life of the University and its community.


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Oct 2013
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Arts & Humanities: English Language & Literature

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