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  1. Pacific Migration and Transnationalism: Historical Perspectives (PDF, 208KB)Helen Lee doi
  2. Forms of Transnationalism, Forms of Tradition: Cloth and Cash as Ritual Exchange Valuables in the Tongan Diaspora (PDF, 183KB)Ping-Ann Addo doi
  3. Samoan Transnationalism: Cultivating ‘Home’ and ‘Reach’ (PDF, 170KB)Sa’iliemanu Lilomaiava-Doktor doi
  4. Kinship and Transnationalism (PDF, 167KB)Cluny Macpherson and La’avasa Macpherson doi
  5. Travelling Parties: Cook Islanders’ Transnational Movement (PDF, 162KB)Kalissa Alexeyeff doi
  6. Food and Transnationalism: Reassertions of Pacific Identity (PDF, 129KB)Nancy Pollock doi
  7. Attitudinal Divergence and the Tongan Transnational System (PDF, 459KB)Mike Evans, Paul Harms and Colin Reid doi
  8. Griffith’s Transnational Fijians: Between the Devil, the Deep Blue Sea… and their Pastors (PDF, 121KB)Mark Schubert doi
  9. Transnationalism of Merchant Seafarers and their Communities in Kiribati and Tuvalu (PDF, 136KB)Maria Borovnik doi
  10. ‘I Never Wanted to Come Home’: Skilled Health Workers in the South Pacific (PDF, 160KB)John Connell doi
  11. The Impact of Transnationalism on Niue (PDF, 127KB)Vili Nosa doi
  12. ‘Getting Out from Under’: Leadership, Conflict Resolution and Tokelau Migration (PDF, 130KB)Ingjerd Hoëm doi
  13. The View from ‘Home’— Transnational Movements from Three Tongan Villages (PDF, 174KB)Steve Tupai Francis doi