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Part One: the Samoan discovery of Europeans (1722-1848)

  1. June 1722, the Dutch ‘discovery’ by Jacob Roggeveen (PDF, 251KB)
  2. May 1768, the French ‘discovery’ by Louis-Antoine de Bougainville (PDF, 166KB)
  3. December 1787, Lapérouse: first incursion on land (PDF, 287KB)
  4. Lapérouse, the Ignoble Savage, and the Europeans as ‘spirits’ (PDF, 284KB)
  5. The turn of the century: from Edward Edwards (1791) to Otto von Kotzebue (1824) (PDF, 155KB)
  6. Commercial vessels. Another French visit: Lafond de Lurcy (PDF, 151KB)
  7. The late 1830s: Dumont d’Urville and Wilkes; Jackson and Erskine (PDF, 299KB)
  8. Conclusion (PDF, 130KB)

Part Two: Methodological comparisons

  1. ‘On the boat of Tangaroa’. Humanity and divinity in Polynesian-European first contacts: a reconsideration (PDF, 295KB)
  2. Sacred cloth and sacred women. On cloth, gifts and nudity in Tahitian first contacts: a culture of ‘wrapping-in’ (PDF, 296KB)
  3. The Papālagi (‘Europeans’) and the Sky. Etymology and divinity, linguistic and anthropological dialogue (PDF, 330KB)