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  1. Nic’s Gift: Turning ethnographic data into knowledge (PDF, 210KB)Yasmine Musharbash doi

Part I. Ritual, Material Culture, Land and Ecology

  1. Splitting the Atom of Kinship: Towards an understanding of the symbolic economy of the Warlpiri fire ceremony (PDF, 421KB)John Morton doi
  2. The ‘Expanding Domain’ of Warlpiri Initiation Rituals (PDF, 333KB)Georgia Curran doi
  3. Who Owns the ‘De-Aboriginalised’ Past? Ethnography meets photography: a case study of Bundjalung Pentecostalism (PDF, 2.0MB)Akiko Ono doi
  4. Thomson’s Spears: Innovation and change in eastern Arnhem Land projectile technology (PDF, 1.2MB)Harry Allen doi
  5. Nothing Ever Changes’: Historical ecology, causality and climate change in Arnhem Land, Australia (PDF, 422KB)Marcus Barber doi
  6. The Language of Property: Analyses of Yolngu relations to country (PDF, 687KB)Ian Keen doi

Part II. Demand Sharing, the Moral Domestic Economy, Policy and Applied Anthropology

  1. From Applied Anthropology to an Anthropology of Engagement: Japanese anthropology and Australianist studies (PDF, 430KB)Sachiko Kubota doi
  2. Community Development as Fantasy? A case study of contemporary Maori society (PDF, 611KB)Toon van Meijl doi
  3. Give or Take: A comparative analysis of demand sharing among the Menraq and Semai of Malaysia (PDF, 582KB)Alberto Gomes doi
  4. Owning Your People: Sustaining relatedness and identity in a South Coast Aboriginal community (PDF, 805KB)Natalie Kwok doi
  5. Demand Sharing, Nutrition and Warlpiri Health: The social and economic strategies of food choice (PDF, 667KB)Eirik Saethre doi
  6. A Genealogy of ‘Demand Sharing’: From pure anthropology to public policy (PDF, 784KB)Jon Altman doi
  7. Policy Alchemy and the Magical Transformation of Aboriginal Society (PDF, 883KB)David F. Martin doi