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Part 1 Introduction

  1. An Approach to Understanding Change (PDF, 132KB) – Gabriele Bammer doi

Part 2 Perspectives

  1. A Politician’s View of Change (PDF, 106KB) – Kate Carnell doi
  2. Responding to Global Environmental Change (PDF, 320KB) – Mark Stafford Smith doi
  3. Teleology, Cyclicality and Episodism: Three competing views of change in international relations (PDF, 108KB) – Michael Wesley doi
  4. Change is Central to Sociology (PDF, 165KB) – Craig Browne doi
  5. Advertising and Change: Message, mind, medium, and mores (PDF, 105KB) – Dee Madigan doi
  6. Media Advocacy for Public Health (PDF, 151KB) – Simon Chapman doi
  7. Is the Intelligence Community Changing Appropriately to Meet the Challenges of the New Security Environment? (PDF, 157KB) – Grant Wardlaw doi
  8. Evolutionary Change: Nothing stands still in biology (PDF, 333KB) – Lindell Bromham doi
  9. Demographic Change: How, why and consequences (PDF, 102KB) – Peter McDonald doi
  10. Conceptual Change and Conceptual Diversity Contribute to Progress in Science (PDF, 130KB) – Paul Griffiths doi
  11. Mental Illness and Psychiatry Have Seen Substantial Change—But There is Still a Long Way To Go (PDF, 137KB) – Beverley Raphael doi
  12. Education Reform: Learning from past experience and overseas successes (PDF, 115KB) – Robyn M Gillies doi
  13. Ten Lessons from Changing Policing Organisations (PDF, 117KB) – Christine Nixon doi
  14. Change Management in Materials Conservation (PDF, 129KB) – Ian D MacLeod doi
  15. Change and Continuity in Anthropology: Examples from Christianity and from the situations of contemporary Indigenous Australians (PDF, 145KB) – Francesca Merlan doi
  16. Learning about Change Through Industrial Open Innovation in the Fast‑Moving Consumer Goods Sector (PDF, 114KB) – Sarah Pearson doi
  17. Increasing Interest in the Economic Determinants of Structural, Technological and Climate Change (PDF, 119KB) – Jim Butler doi
  18. Visual Fine Art: Documenting change, influencing change, and subjected to change (PDF, 1.2MB) – John Reid doi

Part 3 Synthesis

  1. Improving Research Impact by Better Understanding Change: A case study of multidisciplinary synthesis (PDF, 348KB) – Gabriele Bammer doi