Brij V. Lal

Brij V. Lal

Brij Lal has been working on a book of essays looking at the role of place in Pacific Islands scholarship as well as a collection marking the 125th anniversary of arrival of Indians in Fiji. He is also preparing for publication a documentary history of British decolonisation of Fiji and writing a biography of the Fiji statesman Jai Ram Reddy. He also maintains an active interest in creative writing and the relationship between history and fiction.

Political Life Writing in the Pacific »

Reflections on Practice

Edited by: Jack Corbett, Brij V. Lal
ISBN (print): 9781925022605
ISBN (online): 9781925022612
Publication date: July 2015

The Coombs: A House of Memories »

Authored by: Brij V. Lal, Allison Ley
ISBN (print): 9781921934179
ISBN (online): 9781921934186
Publication date: September 2014

The Boy from Boort »

Remembering Hank Nelson

Edited by: Bill Gammage, Brij V. Lal, Gavan Daws
ISBN (print): 9781925021646
ISBN (online): 9781925021653
Publication date: July 2014

Turnings »

Fiji Factions

Authored by: Brij V. Lal
ISBN (print): 9781922144904
ISBN (online): 9781922144911
Publication date: March 2013

Mr Tulsi's Store »

A Fijian journey

Authored by: Brij V. Lal
ISBN (print): 9781922144881
ISBN (online): 9781922144898
Publication date: March 2013

Chalo Jahaji »

On a journey through indenture in Fiji

Authored by: Brij V. Lal
ISBN (print): 9781922144607
ISBN (online): 9781922144614
Publication date: December 2012

Electoral systems in divided societies »

The Fiji constitution

Edited by: Brij V. Lal, Peter Larmour
ISBN (print): 9781922144508
ISBN (online): 9781922144515
Publication date: December 2012

Fiji before the storm »

Elections and the politics of development

Edited by: Brij V. Lal
ISBN (print): 9781922144621
ISBN (online): 9781922144638
Publication date: December 2012

Intersections »

History, Memory, Discipline

Authored by: Brij V. Lal
ISBN (print): 9781922144379
ISBN (online): 9781922144386
Publication date: November 2012

A Vision for Change: AD Patel and the Politics of Fiji »

Edited by: Brij V. Lal
ISBN (print): 9781921666582
ISBN (online): 9781921666599
Publication date: November 2011

A Vision for Change: Speeches and Writings of AD Patel, 1929-1969 »

Edited by: Brij V. Lal
ISBN (print): 9781921862328
ISBN (online): 9781921862335
Publication date: November 2011

In the Eye of the Storm »

Jai Ram Reddy and the Politics of Postcolonial Fiji

Authored by: Brij V. Lal
ISBN (print): 9781921666520
ISBN (online): 9781921666537
Publication date: November 2010

The 2006 Military Takeover in Fiji »

A Coup to End All Coups?

Edited by: Jon Fraenkel, Stewart Firth, Brij V. Lal
ISBN (print): 9781921536502
ISBN (online): 9781921536519
Publication date: April 2009

Coup »

Reflections on the Political Crisis in Fiji

Edited by: Brij V. Lal, Michael Pretes
ISBN (print): 9781921536366
ISBN (online): 9781921536373
Publication date: December 2008

Telling Pacific Lives »

Prisms of Process

Edited by: Brij V. Lal, Vicki Luker
ISBN (print): 9781921313813
ISBN (online): 9781921313820
Publication date: June 2008

A Time Bomb Lies Buried »

Fiji’s Road to Independence, 1960-1970

Authored by: Brij V. Lal
ISBN (print): 9781921313608
ISBN (online): 9781921313615
Publication date: March 2008

Islands of Turmoil »

Elections and Politics in Fiji

Authored by: Brij V. Lal
ISBN (print): 0 7315 3751 3
ISBN (online): 1 920942 75 0
Publication date: August 2006