Ann Sanson

Ann Sanson is a professor in Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne and the Network Coordinator for the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY). She is a developmental psychologist with particular expertise in longitudinal research – she plays a leading role in both the 25-year Australian Temperament Project and Growing up in Australia (the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children). Her previous positions include Acting Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies, and she currently sits on a number of national advisory committees. Her work with ARACY has a strong focus on facilitating knowledge exchange amongst researchers, policy makers and practitioners in order to promote the wellbeing of children and youth. She is a fellow of the Australian Psychological Society and has over 180 publications.

Bridging the ‘Know–Do’ Gap »

Knowledge brokering to improve child wellbeing

Publication date: August 2010
Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. Good health and well-being in the early years are the foundations for well-adjusted and productive adult lives and a thriving society. But children are being let down in Australia and elsewhere by the lack of knowledge transfer between the worlds of research, policy and practice. Improving such transfer is the job of knowledge brokers – the various ways they can operate are explored in this book through case examples and the lessons learned from experienced proponents. The book concludes by posing three sets of ideas to shape the future of knowledge brokering.