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Part 1—Peter Coleman

  1. From Kaiser to Hitler (PDF, 77KB)
  2. Oxford made him (PDF, 99KB)
  3. Arndt in the internment camp (PDF, 68KB)
  4. Chatham House (PDF, 84KB)

Part 2—Selwyn Cornish

  1. Passage to Australia (PDF, 101KB)
  2. The University of Sydney (PDF, 62KB)
  3. Public intellectual (PDF, 77KB)
  4. Ruth’s trip to Europe (PDF, 66KB)
  5. New horizons (PDF, 67KB)
  6. Canberra University College (PDF, 99KB)
  7. Canberra (PDF, 73KB)
  8. South Carolina (PDF, 99KB)
  9. Politics (PDF, 127KB)
  10. Economics and policy (PDF, 130KB)
  11. Geneva (PDF, 84KB)
  12. A new lease of intellectual life (PDF, 96KB)

Part 3—Peter Drake

  1. Economic development in practice: it all began in Jakarta (PDF, 84KB)
  2. The Department of Economics, RSPS, 1963–80 (PDF, 114KB)
  3. Sukarno’s Indonesia (PDF, 72KB)
  4. Suharto’s Indonesia (PDF, 76KB)
  5. Other parts of Asia (PDF, 105KB)
  6. Retirement (PDF, 107KB)