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  1. Introduction: Listening to Antarctica (PDF, 140KB) – Tom Griffiths doi
  2. Mawson’s musings and Morse code: Antarctic silence at the end of the ‘Heroic Era’, and how it was lost (PDF, 200KB) – Mark Pharaoh doi
  3. Thulia: a Tale of the Antarctic (1843): The earliest Antarctic poem and its musical setting (PDF, 919KB) – Elizabeth Truswell doi
  4. Nankyoku no kyoku: The cultural life of the Shirase Antarctic Expedition 1910–12 (PDF, 845KB) – Rupert Summerson doi
  5. The first published music from Antarctica? Captain Doorly’s piano and its roots in older traditions of polar exploration and an imperial guilty conscience (PDF, 664KB) – Jeff Brownrigg doi
  6. Eating the audience (PDF, 190KB) – Bernadette Hince doi
  7. Musical adventures in Antarctica (PDF, 90KB) – Alice Giles doi
  8. Mentions of music in the Antarctic diaries of Cecil T Madigan (PDF, 973KB) – Arnan Wiesel doi
  9. Body of ice: The movement of Antarctic ice through danc (PDF, 128KB)e – Christina Evans doi
  10. The poetry of Antarctic sound and the sound of Antarctic poetry (PDF, 445KB) – Elizabeth Leane doi
  11. Playing Antarctica: Making music with natural objects and sounds from the Antarctic Peninsula (PDF, 1.1MB) – Cheryl E Leonard doi
  12. And I may be some time… (PDF, 114KB) – Craig Cormick doi
  13. The nature of sound and the sound of Nature (PDF, 364KB) – Philip Samartzis doi
  14. Kiwis on ice: Defining the ways in which the New Zealand identity is reflected in the Antarctic-inspired works of four New Zealand composers (PDF, 896KB) – Patrick Shepherd doi
  15. Antarctica: ‘Surround Sound’ (PDF, 466KB) – Stephen Nicol doi
  16. Frozen voices: Women, silence and Antarctica (PDF, 147KB) – Jesse Blackadder doi
  17. Frames of silence: Some descriptions of the sounds of Antarctica (PDF, 122KB) – Stephen Martin doi
  18. Made and played in Antarctica: People’s music in a far-flung place (PDF, 2.3MB) – Bruce Watson doi
  19. ‘A Vast Scale: Evocations of Antarctica’ (PDF, 277KB) – Rupert Summerson and Claire Beynon doi