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  1. The enigmas of Fiji’s good governance coup (PDF, 145KB) – Jon Fraenkel and Stewart Firth
  2. ‘Anxiety, uncertainty and fear in our land’: Fiji’s road to military coup (PDF, 156KB) – Brij V. Lal
  3. Fiji’s December 2006 coup: Who, what, where and why? (PDF, 171KB) – Jon Fraenkel
  4. ‘This process of political readjustment’: The aftermath of the 2006 Fiji Coup (PDF, 177KB) – Brij V. Lal
  5. The changing role of the Great Council of Chiefs (PDF, 157KB) – Robert Norton
  6. The Fiji military and ethno-nationalism: Analyzing the paradox (PDF, 159KB) – Stewart Firth and Jon Fraenkel
  7. Swim or sink: The post-coup economy in limbo (PDF, 139KB) – Satish Chand
  8. The great roadmap charade: Electoral issues in post-coup Fiji (PDF, 188KB) – Jon Fraenkel
  9. Religion and politics: The Christian churches and the 2006 coup in Fiji (PDF, 156KB) – Lynda Newland
  10. The good, the bad and the faithful: The response by Indian religious groups (PDF, 201KB) – Jonathon Prasad
  11. Heading for the scrap heap of history? The consequences of the coup for the Fiji labour movement (PDF, 142KB) – Vijay Naidu
  12. The Fiji nurses’ strike (PDF, 130KB) – Kuini Lutua
  13. The Fiji coup six months on: The role of the media (PDF, 125KB) – Samisoni Pareti
  14. State control and self-censorship in the media after the coup (PDF, 131KB) – Russell Hunter
  15. The impact of the coup on Fiji’s judiciary (PDF, 123KB) – Graham Leung
  16. The erosion of judicial independence (PDF, 124KB) – Graham Leung
  17. The rule of law and judicial independence amidst the coups and attempted coups in Fiji since 1987 (PDF, 125KB) – Tupou Draunidalo
  18. The coup d’état and the Fiji Human Rights Commission (PDF, 139KB) – Noel Cox
  19. The People’s Charter: For or against? (PDF, 107KB) – Wadan Narsey
  20. ‘Democracy’ versus good governance (PDF, 121KB) – Mahendra P. Chaudhry
  21. From fear and turmoil to the possibilities of hope and renewal once again (PDF, 151KB) – Laisenia Qarase
  22. Resolving the current crisis in Fiji – a personal perspective (PDF, 125KB) – Jioji Kotobalavu
  23. Mythic constitutionalism: Whither Fiji’s course in June 2007? (PDF, 119KB) – Joni Madraiwiwi
  24. Creating a stable Fiji (PDF, 111KB) – Joni Madraiwiwi
  25. Making votes count: The need for electoral reform (PDF, 120KB) – Rev. Akuila Yabaki
  26. The impact of Fiji’s 2006 coup on human and women’s rights (PDF, 110KB) – Virisila Buadromo
  27. Reflections on Fiji’s ‘coup culture’ (PDF, 90KB) – Sandra Tarte
  28. Fijian Ethno-Nationalism (PDF, 112KB) – Jone R. Baledrokadroka
  29. Ethno-Nationalism and the People’s Charter (PDF, 110KB) – Jone Dakuvula
  30. One hand clapping: Reflections on the first anniversary of Fiji’s 2006 coup (PDF, 163KB) – Brij V. Lal
  31. Fiji’s Coup Syndrome (PDF, 128KB) – Jon Fraenkel and Stewart Firth