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Part 1. Campaign Themes and Context 

  1. An Overview of the 2013 Federal Election Campaign: Ruinous politics, cynical adversarialism and contending agendas (PDF, 159KB)Jennifer Rayner and John Wanna 
  2. The Battle for Hearts and Minds (PDF, 310KB)Carol Johnson 
  3. The Leadership Contest: An end to the ‘messiah complex’? (PDF, 150KB)Paul Strangio and James Walter 

Part 2. Vital Images of the Campaign—The Media, Campaign Advertising, Polls, Predictions and the Cartoons 

  1. The Empire Strikes Back: Mainstream media still matters (PDF, 128KB)Wayne Errington 
  2. New Media in the Electoral Context: The new normal (PDF, 550KB)Peter John Chen 
  3. Campaign Advertising and Communication Strategies in the Election of 2013 (PDF, 125KB)Sally Young 
  4. Making Policy and Winning Votes: Election promises and political strategies in the 2013 campaign (PDF, 550KB)Nicholas Reece 
  5. How the Pollsters Called the Horse Race: Changing polling technologies, cost pressures, and the concentration on the two-party-preferred (PDF, 157KB)Murray Goot
  6. All That Glitters: Betting markets and the 2013 Australian federal election (PDF, 2.0MB)Simon Jackman 
  7. Nearly All About Kevin: The election as drawn by Australian cartoonists (PDF, 9.5MB)Haydon Manning and Robert Phiddian 

Part 3. Party Perspectives 

  1. The Liberal Campaign in the 2013 Federal Election (PDF, 1.1MB)Brian Loughnane 
  2. The Labor Party Campaign and Aftermath (PDF, 484KB)George Wright 
  3. The 2013 Federal Election: The Greens campaign (PDF, 179KB)Andrew Bartlett 

Part 4. Regional Variations in Voting Trends 

  1. The Electoral Geography of the 2013 Election: Voting patterns in the states and regions for the Lower House (PDF, 178KB)Dean Jaensch with Narelle Miragliotta and Rae Wear 
  2. Regional Place-Based Identities and Party Strategies at the 2013 Federal Election (PDF, 419KB)Geoff Robinson 
  3. The Contest for Rural Representation: The celebrated contest over Indi and the fate of the independents (PDF, 945KB)Jennifer Curtin and Brian Costar 
  4. The Advent of Two New Micro Parties: The Palmer United Party and Katter’s Australia Party (PDF, 160KB)Tom King 

Part 5. Salient Issues 

  1. An Impecunious Election: The significance of fiscal and economic issues (PDF, 138KB)John Wanna
  2. Ethnic Voting and Asylum Issues (PDF, 184KB)James Jupp 
  3. The Environment in the 2013 Election: Controversies over climate change, the carbon tax and conservation (PDF, 330KB)Nick Economou 
  4. Unstable Bipartisanship or Off the Agenda? Social issues during the 2013 election campaign (PDF, 1.7MB)Rob Manwaring, Gwen Gray and Lionel Orchard 
  5. Gender and the 2013 Election: The Abbott ‘mandate’ (PDF, 337KB)Kirsty McLaren and Marian Sawer 

Part 6. The Results 

  1. Explaining the Results (PDF, 2.2MB)Antony Green 
  2. Documenting the Inevitable: Voting behaviour at the 2013 Australian election (PDF, 1.7MB)Clive Bean and Ian McAllister 
  3. Conclusion: Reflections on Abbott’s Gambit—Mantras, manipulation and mandates (PDF, 1.4MB)Carol Johnson and John Wanna