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Part 1. Campaign Themes and Context 

  1. An Overview of the 2013 Federal Election Campaign: Ruinous politics, cynical adversarialism and contending agendas (PDF, 159KB) – Jennifer Rayner and John Wanna doi
  2. The Battle for Hearts and Minds (PDF, 310KB) – Carol Johnson doi
  3. The Leadership Contest: An end to the ‘messiah complex’? (PDF, 150KB) – Paul Strangio and James Walter doi

Part 2. Vital Images of the Campaign—The Media, Campaign Advertising, Polls, Predictions and the Cartoons 

  1. The Empire Strikes Back: Mainstream media still matters (PDF, 128KB) – Wayne Errington doi
  2. New Media in the Electoral Context: The new normal (PDF, 550KB) – Peter John Chen doi
  3. Campaign Advertising and Communication Strategies in the Election of 2013 (PDF, 125KB) – Sally Young doi
  4. Making Policy and Winning Votes: Election promises and political strategies in the 2013 campaign (PDF, 550KB) – Nicholas Reece doi
  5. How the Pollsters Called the Horse Race: Changing polling technologies, cost pressures, and the concentration on the two–party–preferred (PDF, 157KB) – Murray Goot doi
  6. All That Glitters: Betting markets and the 2013 Australian federal election (PDF, 2.0MB) – Simon Jackman doi
  7. Nearly All About Kevin: The election as drawn by Australian cartoonists (PDF, 9.5MB) – Haydon Manning and Robert Phiddian doi

Part 3. Party Perspectives 

  1. The Liberal Campaign in the 2013 Federal Election (PDF, 1.1MB) – Brian Loughnane doi
  2. The Labor Party Campaign and Aftermath (PDF, 484KB) – George Wright doi
  3. The 2013 Federal Election: The Greens campaign (PDF, 179KB) – Andrew Bartlett doi

Part 4. Regional Variations in Voting Trends 

  1. The Electoral Geography of the 2013 Election: Voting patterns in the states and regions for the Lower House (PDF, 178KB) – Dean Jaensch with Narelle Miragliotta and Rae Wear doi
  2. Regional Place–Based Identities and Party Strategies at the 2013 Federal Election (PDF, 419KB) – Geoff Robinson doi
  3. The Contest for Rural Representation: The celebrated contest over Indi and the fate of the independents (PDF, 945KB) – Jennifer Curtin and Brian Costar doi
  4. The Advent of Two New Micro Parties: The Palmer United Party and Katter’s Australia Party (PDF, 160KB) – Tom King doi

Part 5. Salient Issues 

  1. An Impecunious Election: The significance of fiscal and economic issues (PDF, 138KB) – John Wanna doi
  2. Ethnic Voting and Asylum Issues (PDF, 184KB) – James Jupp doi
  3. The Environment in the 2013 Election: Controversies over climate change, the carbon tax and conservation (PDF, 330KB) – Nick Economou doi
  4. Unstable Bipartisanship or Off the Agenda? Social issues during the 2013 election campaign (PDF, 1.7MB) – Rob Manwaring, Gwen Gray and Lionel Orchard doi
  5. Gender and the 2013 Election: The Abbott ‘mandate’ (PDF, 337KB) – Kirsty McLaren and Marian Sawer doi

Part 6. The Results

  1. Explaining the Results (PDF, 2.2MB) – Antony Green doi
  2. Documenting the Inevitable: Voting behaviour at the 2013 Australian election (PDF, 1.7MB) – Clive Bean and Ian McAllister doi
  3. Conclusion: Reflections on Abbott’s Gambit—Mantras, manipulation and mandates (PDF, 1.4MB) – Carol Johnson and John Wanna doi