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Part 1: Social, Economic and Cultural Dimensions to the Belief in Witchcraft and Sorcery

  1. The Spread of Sorcery Killing and its Social Implications (PDF, 124KB)Jack Urame
  2. Sorcery, Christianity and the Decline of Medical Services (PDF, 577KB)John Cox and Georgina Phillips
  3. Witchcraft, Sorcery, Violence: Matrilineal and Decolonial Reflections (PDF, 165KB)Salmah Eva-Lina Lawrence
  4. Sorcery and Witchcraft as a Negative Force on Economic and Social Development in Solomon Islands (PDF, 744KB)Lawrence Foana’ota
  5. Huli Customary Beliefs and Tribal Laws about Witches and Witch Spirits (PDF, 153KB)John Himugu
  6. Talking Sanguma: The Social Process of Discernment of Evil in Two Sepik Societies (PDF, 189KB)Patrick F. Gesch
  7. The Haus Man Cleansing at Nahu Rawa (PDF, 537KB)Patrick F. Gesch and Jonathan Julius
  8. ‘The Land Will Eat You’: Land and Sorcery in North Efate, Vanuatu (PDF, 2.0MB)Siobhan McDonnell
  9. Sorcery, Poison and Politics: Strategies of Self-Positioning in South Malekula, Vanuatu (PDF, 142KB)Laurent Dousset

Part 2: Legal Dimensions to the Belief in Witchcraft and Sorcery

  1. The Courts, the Churches, the Witches and their Killers (PDF, 136KB)Christine Stewart
  2. The Western Legal Response to Sorcery in Colonial Papua New Guinea (PDF, 137KB) – Mel Keenan
  3.  A Pluralist Response to the Regulation of Sorcery and Witchcraft in Melanesia (PDF, 174KB) – Miranda Forsyth
  4. Sorcery- and Witchcraft-Related Killings in Papua New Guinea: The Criminal Justice System Response (PDF, 190KB) – Ravunamu Auka, Barbara Gore and Pealiwan Rebecca Koralyo
  5. Sorcery Violence in Bougainville Through the Lens of Human Rights Law: A Critical View (PDF, 3.4MB) – Mark Evenhuis
  6. The Belief in Sorcery in Solomon Islands (PDF, 143KB)Philip Kanairara and Derek Futaiasi

Part 3: Positive Directions in Overcoming Violence

  1.  Kumo Koimbo: Accounts and Responses to Witchcraft in Gor, Simbu Province (PDF, 155KB)Clara Bal
  2. Practical Church Interventions on Sorcery and Witchcraft Violence in the Papua New Guinea Highlands (PDF, 174KB)Fr Philip Gibbs