The Moral Economy of Mobile Phones »

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  1. A Handset Dangling in a Doorway: Mobile Phone Sharing in a Rural Sepik Village (Papua New Guinea) (PDF, 1.3MB)David Lipset doi
  2. HIV, Phone Friends and Affective Technology in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 0.2MB)Holly Wardlow doi
  3. Toby and ‘the Mobile System’: Apocalypse and Salvation in Papua New Guinea’s Wireless Network (PDF, 1.0MB)Dan Jorgensen doi
  4. Creating Consumer-Citizens: Competition, Tradition and the Moral Order of the Mobile Telecommunications Industry in Fiji (PDF, 1.3MB)Heather A. Horst doi
  5. ‘Working the Mobile’: Giving and Spending Phone Credit in Port Vila, Vanuatu (PDF, 0.2MB)Daniela Kraemer doi
  6. Top-Up: The Moral Economy of Prepaid Mobile Phone Subscriptions (PDF, 1.6MB)Robert J. Foster doi