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  1. Tracing the path, recounting the past: historical perspectives on Timor (PDF, 1.1MB) James J. Fox
  2. From province to nation: the demographic revolution of a people (PDF, 945KB) Terence H. Hull
  3. East Timor: education and human resource development (PDF, 935KB) Gavin W. Jones
  4. Political developments leading to the referendum (PDF, 2.1MB) Dionisio Babo Soares
  5. The diplomacy on East Timor: Indonesia, the United Nations and the international community (PDF, 992KB) Grayson J. Lloyd
  6. The CNRT campaign for independence (PDF, 950KB) Fernando de Araujo
  7. Experiences of a district electoral officer in Suai (PDF, 911KB) Catharina Williams


  1. The popular consultation and the United Nations mission in East Timor — first reflections (PDF, 2.0MB) Ian Martin
  2. The TNI and East Timor policy (PDF, 977KB) Harold Crouch
  3. East Timor: The misuse of military power and misplaced military pride (PDF, 916KB) John B. Haseman
  4. The strategic implications of an independent East Timor (PDF, 923KB) Alan Dupont
  5. East Timorese refugees in West Timor (PDF, 948KB) Januar Achmad


  1. Reconciling worlds: the cultural repositioning of East Timorese youth in the diaspora (PDF, 2.0MB) Fiona Crockford
  2. An international strategy for the new East Timor: some preliminary thoughts (PDF, 521KB)Andrew MacIntyre
  3. Questions for the United Nations team managing East Timor (PDF, 901KB) C. Peter Timmer
  4. The joint assessment mission and reconstruction in East Timor (PDF, 928KB) Sarah Cliffe
  5. Fiscal issues for a small war-torn Timor (PDF, 967KB) Loro Sa’e João Mariana Saldanha
  6. Challenges for the future (PDF, 954KB) Dionisio Babo Soares