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  1. Powers of Exclusion in Melanesia (PDF, 0.3MB)Colin Filer, Siobhan McDonnell and Matthew G. Allen doi
  2. Urban Melanesia: The Challenges of Managing Land, Modernity and Tradition (PDF, 0.2MB)Sarah Mecartney and John Connell doi
  3. Urban Land in Solomon Islands: Powers of Exclusion and Counter-Exclusion (PDF, 0.2MB)Joseph D. Foukona and Matthew G. Allen doi
  4. ‘There’s Nothing Better than Land’: A Migrant Group’s Strategies for Accessing Informal Settlement Land in Port Moresby (PDF, 1.3MB)Michelle Nayahamui Rooney doi
  5. Informal Land Markets in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 0.4MB)Gina Koczberski, Georgina Numbasa, Emmanuel Germis and George N. Curry doi
  6. The Formation of a Land Grab Policy Network in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 0.3MB)Colin Filer doi
  7. Oil Palm Development and Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 1.2MB)Jennifer Gabriel, Paul N. Nelson, Colin Filer and Michael Wood doi
  8. The Political Ramifications of Papua New Guinea’s Commission of Inquiry (PDF, 0.2MB)Colin Filer with John Numapo doi
  9. Urban Land Grabbing by Political Elites: Exploring the Political Economy of Land and the Challenges of Regulation (PDF, 0.9MB)Siobhan McDonnell doi
  10. Making the Invisible Seen: Putting Women’s Rights on Vanuatu’s Land Reform Agenda (PDF, 0.2MB)Anna Naupa doi
  11. From Colonial Intrusions to ‘Intimate Exclusions’: Contesting Legal Title and ‘Chiefly Title’ to Land in Epi, Vanuatu (PDF, 0.6MB)Rachel E. Smith doi
  12. Landownership as Exclusion (PDF, 0.2MB)Victoria Stead doi
  13. The Politics of Property: Gender, Land and Political Authority in Solomon Islands (PDF, 0.2MB)Rebecca Monson doi
  14. Afterword: Land Transformations and Exclusion across Regions (PDF, 0.2MB)Philip Hirsch doi