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  1. Taking difference seriously: Life, income and work for Jon Altman and friends (PDF, 133KB) – Will Sanders doi

Part 1: The Hybrid Economy: Theory, Practice and Policy

  1. From Samoa to CAEPR via Mumeka: The hybrid economy comes of age (PDF, 927KB) – Geoff Buchanan doi
  2. From public policy to pure anthropology: A genealogy of the idea of the hybrid economy (PDF, 620KB) – Chris Gregory doi
  3. Cultural domains and the theory of customary environmentalism in Indigenous Australia (PDF, 118KB) – Kim de Rijke, Richard Martin and David Trigger doi
  4. What is the policy significance of the hybrid economy? (PDF, 200KB) – Nicolas Peterson doi
  5. If the market is the problem, is the hybrid economy the solution? (PDF, 138KB) – Katherine Curchin doi
  6. Valuing Aboriginal cultural activity: Beyond markets (PDF, 144KB) – Kaely Woods doi
  7. Hybrid economies as life projects? An example from the Torres Strait (PDF, 835KB) – Annick Thomassin doi
  8. Indigenous country in the southwest Gulf of Carpentaria: Territories of difference or indifference? (PDF, 2.6MB) – Seán Kerins and Jacky Green doi
  9. Indigenous-owned art centres, tourism and economic benefits: The case of Maṟuku Arts (PDF, 439KB) – Marianne Riphagen doi
  10. Five theses for reinstituting economics: Anthropological lessons from Broome (PDF, 130KB) – Stephen Muecke and Ben Dibley doi

Part 2: Critiquing Neoliberalism and the Guardian State

  1. Neoliberalism and the return of the guardian state: Micromanaging Indigenous peoples in a new chapter of colonial governance (PDF, 143KB) – Shelley Bielefeld doi
  2. Media stars and neoliberal news agendas in Indigenous policymaking (PDF, 197KB) – Kerry McCallum and Lisa Waller doi
  3. Trapped in the gap (PDF, 127KB) – Emma Kowal doi
  4. Neoliberal rhetoric and guardian state outcomes in Aboriginal land reform (PDF, 154KB) – Leon Terrill doi

Part 3: Land, Housing and Entrepreneurship: Altman Applied

  1. Dealings in native title and statutory Aboriginal land rights lands in Australia: What land tenure reform is needed? (PDF, 651KB) – Ed Wensing doi
  2. Exploring hybridity in housing: Lessons for appropriate tenure choices and policy (PDF, 590KB) – Louise Crabtree doi
  3. The political economy of the Aboriginals Benefit Account: Relevance of the 1985 Altman review 30 years on (PDF, 132KB) – David P Pollack doi
  4. The work of rights: The nature of native title labour (PDF, 498KB) – Pamela McGrath doi
  5. Indigenous small businesses in the Australian Indigenous economy (PDF, 200KB) – Jock Collins, Mark Morrison, Branka Krivokapic-Skoko, Rose Butler and PK Basu doi

Part 4: Personal Reflections

  1. Reflections of a PhD student (PDF, 115KB) – Benedict Scambary doi
  2. Reflections of a senior colleague (PDF, 115KB) – John Nieuwenhuysen AM doi
  3. Self-reflections: 1977–2014 (PDF, 1.8MB) – Jon Altman doi