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Part I: Politics, economics and social inequality

  1. Introduction: Confronting the future, confronting the past (PDF, 451KB)Martin Doornbos and A Haroon Akram-Lodhi doi
  2. The implementation of the Fiji Islands Constitution (PDF, 537KB)Yash Ghai doi
  3. Fiji's 1999 general elections: outcomes and prospects (PDF, 524KB)Satendra Prasad doi
  4. Fiji's economy: the challenge of the future (PDF, 868KB)Ardeshir Sepehri and A Haroon Akram-Lodhi doi
  5. Institutional rigidities and economic performance in Fiji (PDF, 613KB)Biman Prasad and Sunil Kumar doi
  6. Confronting social policy challenges in Fiji (PDF, 493KB)John Cameron doi
  7. Labour market deregulation in Fiji (PDF, 610KB)Ganesh Chand doi
  8. Women in post-coup Fiji: negotiating work through old and new realities (PDF, 513KB)Jacqueline Leckie doi

Part II: The 'Fijian' question

  1. The problematics of reform and the 'Fijian' question (PDF, 550KB)William Sutherland doi
  2. Addressing inequality? Economic affirmative action and communal capitalism in post-coup Fiji (PDF, 474KB)Steven Ratuva doi
  3. Ecotourism and the politics of representation in Fiji (PDF, 475KB)Holger Korth doi
  4. Retreat from exclusion? Identities in post-coup Fiji (PDF, 511KB)Robbie Robertson doi