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Part I: Theorising the Modern University

  1. Disinterested Scholars or Interested Parties? The Public’s Investment in Self-interested Universities (PDF, 158KB) – Hannah Forsyth doi
  2. Critical Theory and the New University: Reflections on Time and Technology (PDF, 149KB) – Peter Beilharz doi
  3. Gendered Hierarchies of Knowledge and the Prestige Factor: How Philosophy Survives Market Rationality (PDF, 147KB) – Fiona Jenkins doi

Part II: Markets, Managers and Mandarins

  1. What’s to be Explained? And is it so Bad? (PDF, 212KB) – Geoffrey Brennan doi
  2. Higher Education ‘Markets’ and University Governance (PDF, 130KB) – Tony Aspromourgos doi
  3. Transforming the Public University: Market Citizenship and Higher Education Regulatory Projects (PDF, 142KB) – Kanishka Jayasuriya doi
  4. The State of the Universities (PDF, 182KB) – Glenn Withers doi

Part III: Education for the ‘Real World’

  1. The Modern University and its Transaction with Students (PDF, 195KB) – Nigel Palmer doi
  2. Markets, Discipline, Students: Governing Student Conduct and Performance in the University (PDF, 160KB) – Bruce Lindsay doi
  3. ‘Selling the dream’: Law School Branding and the Illusion of Choice (PDF, 169KB) – Margaret Thornton and Lucinda Shannon doi

Part IV: Conditions of Knowledge Production

  1. Disciplining Academic Women: Gender Restructuring and the Labour of Research in Entrepreneurial Universities (PDF, 312KB) – Jill Blackmore doi
  2. Functional Dystopia: Diversity, Contestability and New Media in the Academy (PDF, 143KB) – Jenny Corbett, Andrew MacIntyre and Inger Mewburn doi

Part V: Telling It How It Is

  1. A Design for Learning? A Case Study of the Hidden Costs of Curriculum and Organisational Change (PDF, 167KB) – Diane Kirkby and Kerreen Reiger doi
  2. ‘Smoking Guns’: Reflections on Truth and Politics in the University (PDF, 198KB) – Judith Bessant doi

Part VI: University Futures?

  1. Seeking the Necessary ‘Resources of Hope’ in the Neoliberal University (PDF, 671KB)  – Jane Kenway, Rebecca Boden and Johannah Fahey doi