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  1. A ‘Roaring Decade’: Listening to the Australian gold-fields (PDF, 130KB) Diane Collins
  2. A Complex Kind of Training: Cities, technologies and sound in jazz-age Europe (PDF, 140KB) James Donald
  3. Speech, Children and the Federation Movement (PDF, 132KB) Alan Atkinson
  4. Sounds of History: Oratory and the fantasy of male power (PDF, 122KB) Marilyn Lake
  5. Hunting the Wild Reciter: Elocution and the Art of Recitation (PDF, 196KB) Peter Kirkpatrick
  6. World English? How an Australian Invented ‘Good American Speech’ (PDF, 184KB) Desley Deacon
  7. ‘The Australian Has a Lazy Way of Talking’: Australian character and accent, 1920s-1940s (PDF, 160KB) Joy Damousi
  8. Towards a History of the Australian Accent (PDF, 219KB) Bruce Moore
  9. Voice, Power and Modernity (PDF, 125KB) Bruce Johnson
  10. Modernity, Intimacy and Early Australian Commercial Radio (PDF, 126KB) Bridget Griffen-Foley
  11. Talking Salvation for the Silent Majority: Projecting new possibilities of modernity in the Australian cinema, 1929-1933 (PDF, 3.2MB) Brian Yecies