Tropical Forests Of Oceania

Tropical Forests Of Oceania

Anthropological Perspectives

Edited by: Joshua A. Bell, Paige West, Colin Filer orcid

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The tropical forests of Oceania are an enduring source of concern for indigenous communities, for the migrants who move to them, for the states that encompass them within their borders, for the multilateral institutions and aid agencies, and for the non-governmental organisations that focus on their conservation.  Grounded in the perspective of political ecology, contributors to this volume approach forests as socially alive spaces produced by a confluence of local histories and global circulations. In doing so, they collectively explore the multiple ways in which these forests come into view and therefore into being. Exploring the local dynamics within and around these forests provides an insight into regional issues that have global resonance. Intertwined as they are with cosmological beliefs and livelihoods, as sites of biodiversity and Western desire, these forests have been and are still being transformed by the interaction of foreign and local entities. Focusing on case studies from Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the Gambier Islands, this volume brings new perspectives on how Pacific Islanders continue to creatively engage with the various processes at play in and around their forests.


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Publication date:
Aug 2015
Asia-Pacific Environment Monograph 10
ANU Press
Asia-Pacific Environment Monographs
Social Sciences: Anthropology, Development Studies, Politics & International Studies
Pacific: Gambier Islands, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands

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  1. Introduction (PDF, 133KB) – Joshua A. Bell, Paige West and Colin Filer doi
  2. Wildlands, Deserted Bays and Other Bushy Metaphors of Pacific Place (PDF, 1.1MB) – Alexander Mawyer doi
  3. Non-Pristine Forests: A Long-Term History of Land Transformation in the Western Solomons (PDF, 703KB) – Edvard Hviding doi
  4. Forests of Gold: From Mining to Logging (and Back Again) (PDF, 122KB) – Jamon Alex Halvaksz doi
  5. The Impact of Mining Development on Settlement Patterns, Firewood Availability and Forest Structure in Porgera (PDF, 923KB) – Jerry K. Jacka doi
  6. The Structural Violence of Resource Extraction in the Purari Delta (PDF, 961KB) – Joshua A. Bell doi
  7. The Fate of Crater Mountain: Forest Conservation in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea (PDF, 132KB) – Paige West and Enock Kale doi
  8. How April Salumei Became the REDD Queen (PDF, 446KB) – Colin Filer doi
  9. Representational Excess in Recent Attempts to Acquire Forest Carbon in the Kamula Doso Area, Western Province, Papua New Guinea (PDF, 887KB) – Michael Wood doi
  10. ‘Evergreen’ and REDD+ in the Forests of Oceania (PDF, 155KB) – Jennifer Gabriel doi

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