Successful Public Policy

Successful Public Policy

Lessons from Australia and New Zealand

Edited by: Joannah Luetjens, Michael Mintrom, Paul `t Hart

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In Australia and New Zealand, many public projects, programs and services perform well. But these cases are consistently underexposed and understudied. We cannot properly ‘see’—let alone recognise and explain—variations in government performance when media, political and academic discourses are saturated with accounts of their shortcomings and failures, but are next to silent on their achievements.

Successful Public Policy: Lessons from Australia and New Zealand helps to turn that tide. It aims to reset the agenda for teaching, research and dialogue on public policy performance. This is done through a series of close-up, in-depth and carefully chosen case study accounts of the genesis and evolution of stand-out public policy achievements, across a range of sectors within Australia and New Zealand. Through these accounts, written by experts from both countries, we engage with the conceptual, methodological and theoretical challenges that have plagued extant research seeking to evaluate, explain and design successful public policy.

Studies of public policy successes are rare—not just in Australia and New Zealand, but the world over. This book is embedded in a broader project exploring policy successes globally; its companion volume, Great Policy Successes (edited by Paul ‘t Hart and Mallory Compton), is published by Oxford University Press (2019).

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  1. On studying policy successes in Australia and New Zealand (PDF, 0.2MB)Joannah Luetjens, Michael Mintrom and Paul ‘t Hart doi

Part I: Policy successes in Australia

  1. Responding to HIV/AIDS: Mobilisation through partnerships in a public health crisis (PDF, 0.2MB)Lisa Fitzgerald and Allyson Mutch, with Lisa Herron doi
  2. The Higher Education Contribution Scheme: Keeping tertiary education affordable and accessible (PDF, 0.2MB)Timothy Higgins doi
  3. The 53-billion-dollar question: Was Australia’s 2009–2010 fiscal stimulus a good thing? (PDF, 0.2MB)Alan Fenna and Paul ‘t Hart doi
  4. ‘Marvellous Melbourne’: Making the world’s most liveable city (PDF, 0.2MB)Emma Blomkamp and Jenny M. Lewis doi
  5. The Child Support Scheme: What innovative collaboration can achieve (PDF, 0.2MB) – Meredith Edwards doi
  6. The Australian water markets story: Incremental transformation (PDF, 0.5MB)James Horne and R. Quentin Grafton doi
  7. National competition policy: Effective stewardship of markets (PDF, 0.2MB)Alan Fenna doi
  8. The ‘perfect storm’ of gun control: From policy inertia to world leader (PDF, 0.4MB)Philip Alpers and Zareh Ghazarian doi
  9. The Goods and Services Tax (GST): The public value of a contested reform (PDF, 0.2MB)Binh Tran-Nam doi
  10. Medicare: The making and consolidation of an Australian institution (PDF, 0.2MB)Anne-marie Boxall doi
  11. Avoiding the Global Financial Crisis in Australia: A policy success? (PDF, 0.2MB)Stephen Bell and Andrew Hindmoor doi
  12. Thinking outside the box: Tobacco plain packaging and the demise of smoking (PDF, 0.6MB)Becky Freeman doi

Part II: Policy successes in New Zealand

  1. New Zealand’s universal no-fault accident compensation scheme: Embedding community responsibility (PDF, 0.2MB)Grant Duncan doi
  2. New Zealand’s economic turnaround: How public policy innovation catalysed economic growth (PDF, 0.2MB)Michael Mintrom and Madeline Thomas doi
  3. Nuclear-free New Zealand: Contingency, contestation and consensus in public policymaking (PDF, 0.2MB)David Capie doi
  4. Treaty of Waitangi settlements: Successful symbolic reparation (PDF, 0.2MB)Janine Hayward doi
  5. The Fiscal Responsibility Act 1994: How a nonbinding policy instrument proved highly powerful (PDF, 0.5MB)Derek Gill doi
  6. Early childhood education policy pathways: A learning story (PDF, 0.2MB)Sandy Farquhar and Andrew Gibbons doi
  7. KiwiSaver: A jewel in the crown of New Zealand’s retirement income framework? (PDF, 0.2MB)Kirsten MacDonald and Ross Guest doi
  8. Whānau Ora: An Indigenous policy success story (PDF, 0.2MB)Verna Smith, Charlotte Moore, Jacqueline Cumming and Amohia Boulton doi

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