A Dissident Liberal

A Dissident Liberal

The Political Writings of Peter Baume

Authored by: Peter Baume
Edited by: John Wanna orcid, Marija Taflaga

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In the ‘broad church’ of the Australian Liberal Party, rarely has there been a maverick so unrelenting in his commitment to personal principles as Senator Peter Baume. Over a parliamentary career spanning 17 years, three ministerial portfolios and five party leaders, Baume was increasingly pitted against his own party room.

In A Dissident Liberal: The Political Writings of Peter Baume, we learn of personal threats, crises, constitutional confrontation and the tension between conservatism and classical liberalism—and between ideology and toeing the party line. This collection of personal observations, speeches and commentaries on contentious policy issues presents a valuable resource for students of Australian political history.

PDF Chapters

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  1. My Dilemma: From Medicine to the Senate (PDF, 115KB)
  2. Autumn 1975 (PDF, 93KB)
  3. Moving Towards Crisis: The Bleak Winter of 1975 (PDF, 104KB)
  4. Budget 1975 (PDF, 86KB)
  5. Prelude to Crisis (PDF, 86KB)
  6. The Crisis Deepens: October 1975 (PDF, 118KB)
  7. Early November 1975 (PDF, 93KB)
  8. Remembrance Day (PDF, 92KB)
  9. The Election Campaign (PDF, 128KB)
  10. Looking Back at the Dismissal (PDF, 109KB)


Part 1: Personal Philosophies

Part 2: The Liberal Forum Contributions

Part 3: Policy Concerns

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