Ten Journeys to Cameron's Farm »

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Part 1 Prologue

  1. Augury (PDF, 61KB)
  2. Leadership, politics, and war (PDF, 462KB)

Part 2 The Journeys

  1. A crew assembles: Charlie Crosdale and Jack Palmer (PDF, 853KB)
  2. Second seat: Dick Wiesener (PDF, 416KB)
  3. His father’s son: Bob Hitchcock (PDF, 677KB)
  4. ‘A very sound pilot?’: Bob Hitchcock (II) (PDF, 1.1MB)
  5. Passenger complement (PDF, 120KB)
  6. The General: Brudenell White (I) (PDF, 543KB)
  7. Call and recall: Brudenell White (II) (PDF, 590KB)
  8. The Brigadier: Geoff Street (PDF, 794KB)
  9. Best man: Frank Thornthwaite (PDF, 964KB)
  10. Patriot: Harry Gullett (PDF, 639KB)
  11. ‘A charming boy who would do big things’: Dick Elford (PDF, 949KB)
  12. A passion for the air: James Fairbairn (I) (PDF, 724KB)
  13. ‘A minister or a clerk?’: Jim Fairbairn (II) (PDF, 726KB)

Part 3 ‘The most devastating tragedy’

  1. ‘Not a machine for the careless or the ham fisted’ (PDF, 341KB)
  2. ‘A leaf falling off a tree’ (PDF, 574KB)
  3. Extinguishers (PDF, 481KB)
  4. Obsequies (PDF, 197KB)

Part 4 Understanding

  1. Inquiry and investigation (PDF, 688KB)
  2. Expert witnesses? (PDF, 599KB)
  3. Lowe’s last word (PDF, 204KB)
  4. Mr Storey’s story (PDF, 527KB)
  5. Cockpit secrets (PDF, 594KB)
  6. Diagnosis and remedies (PDF, 333KB)

Part 5 Reflection

  1. ‘That terrible hour’ (PDF, 219KB)
  2. Aftermath (PDF, 500KB)