Public Sector Employment in the Twenty-First Century

Public Sector Employment in the Twenty-First Century

Edited by: Marilyn Pittard, Phillipa Weeks

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This book addresses the transformations which have occurred in employment arrangements and practices in the Australian public sector over the past decade and the changes in responsibilities and accountability through employment contracts, whistleblower legislation and partnerships between government and the private sector. It provides a comparative context through studies of reconstruction of the public service in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Themes of contractualisation, privatisation and outsourcing are explored and critically examined, as well as influences of the industrial relations legislative framework including the Work Choices legislation.


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Publication date:
Nov 2007
ANU Press
Law; Social Sciences: Social Policy & Administration
Australia; Europe: United Kingdom; Pacific: New Zealand

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Public Sector Employment in the Twenty-First Century »

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  1. Public Sector Employment in the Twenty-First Century: Themes and Introduction (PDF, 137KB)Marilyn Pittard and Phillipa Weeks doi
  2. The Reshaping of Australian Public Service Employment Law (PDF, 308KB)Phillipa Weeks doi
  3. The Australian Public Service: Statutory, Doctrinal and Institutional Arrangements for its Governance (PDF, 213KB)John R Nethercote doi
  4. A Revised Legislative Framework for Australian Public Service Employment: The Successive Impacts of the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (Cth) and The Public Service Act 1999 (Cth) (PDF, 329KB)Mark Molloy doi
  5. From Workplace Bargaining to Workplace Relations: Industrial Relations in the Australian Public Service under the Coalition Government (PDF, 229KB)John O’Brien and Michael O’Donnell doi
  6. Whistleblower Protection and the Challenge to Public Employment Law (PDF, 273KB)Robert G Vaughn doi
  7. Outsourcing and New Employer Entities: Challenges to Traditional Public Sector Employment (PDF, 380KB)Marilyn Pittard doi
  8. ‘The Politics of Partnership’: The Evolution of Public Sector Industrial Relations in Victoria (PDF, 210KB)Peter Gahan doi
  9. Reconstructing State Employment in New Zealand (PDF, 226KB)Jane Bryson and Gordon Anderson doi
  10. The Privatisation of the Civil Service (PDF, 239KB)K D Ewing doi
  11. Challenges Ahead: Workplace Relations Legislation and the Future (PDF, 133KB)Marilyn Pittard doi

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