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Part One: Taveuni: The Colonial Period 

  1. People Along the Road (PDF, 128KB)
  2. The Old Home (PDF, 99KB)
  3. The Plantation (PDF, 119KB)
  4. The Young Overseer (PDF, 106KB)
  5. Island Life (PDF, 119KB)
  6. Marriage (PDF, 111KB)
  7. An Array of Characters (PDF, 106KB)
  8. Sale of the Plantation (PDF, 102KB)
  9. Farewell Taveuni (PDF, 97KB)

Part Two: Greater Fiji: Life In The Nation 

  1. Sugar (PDF, 154KB)
  2. Tourism (PDF, 105KB)
  3. Commerce and Industry (PDF, 114KB)
  1. Diplomacy (PDF, 101KB)
  2. Politics and Leadership (PDF, 119KB)
  1. Sports (PDF, 97KB)
  1. Clubs (PDF, 113KB)
  1. Religion (PDF, 97KB)
  1. The Underprivileged (PDF, 113KB)
  2. Media: The Voice of the People (PDF, 109KB)
  3. Rumblings of Discontent (PDF, 106KB)
  1. Women: The Real Mother Lode (PDF, 112KB)
  2. Islands (PDF, 122KB)
  3. In Search of a Soul (PDF, 86KB)
  4. Conclusion (PDF, 100KB)