Yung Chul Park

Yung Chul Park is a professor of economics at Korea University. He is also a member of the National Economic Advisory Council. He was an ambassador for International Economy and Trade for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade from 2001 to 2002 and also chairman of the board, the Korea Exchange Bank in Seoul, 1999-2001. He previously served as the chief economic adviser to President Doo Hwan Chun of Korea, as president of the Korea Development Institute, as president of the Korea Institute Finance, and as a member of the Bank of Korea's Monetary Board. He was director of the Institute of Economic Research at Korea University, taught at Harvard University and Boston University as a visiting professor and worked for the International Monetary Fund. After completing undergraduate work at Seoul National University, he received his PhD from the University of Minnesota. From June to December of 1998, he managed the merger of Korea's two largest commercial banks as chairman of the CBK-Hanil Bank Merger Committee.

Developing Asian Bondmarkets »

Publication date: January 2014
The absence of vibrant bondmarkets in East Asia was a significant contributor to the 1997–98 financial crisis. Ever since, the development of local bondmarkets has been a major objective of financial reforms in many East Asian economies. This effort has been frustrated by the inability to reach a consensus on whether Asian bondmarkets are truly needed in East Asia, whether they can be made viable in the competitive environment of the global economy, how they should be created and what role intergovernmental cooperation should play in their definition and creation. Developing Asian Bondmarkets helps build this consensus, proposing how to develop robust and efficient bondmarkets in East Asia. This book, the first of its kind, comes from the Finance Forum of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council.