Vera Mackie

Vera Mackie, FASSA, is Senior Professor of Asian Studies in the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts at the University of Wollongong. Her publications include The Routledge handbook of sexuality studies in East Asia (co-edited with Mark McLelland; Routledge 2015); Ways of knowing about human rights in Asia (Routledge 2015); Gender, nation and state in modern Japan (co-edited with Andrea Germer and Ulrike Wöhr; Routledge 2014); Gurōbaruka to Jendā Hyōshō [Globalisation and representations of gender] (Ochanomizu Shobō 2003); Feminism in modern Japan: Citizenship, embodiment and sexuality (Cambridge 2003); and Human rights and gender politics: Asia-Pacific perspectives (co‑edited with Anne-Marie Hilsdon, Martha Macintyre and Maila Stivens; Rutledge 2000).


The Social Sciences in the Asian Century »

Publication date: September 2015
In this collection of essays, we reflect on what it means to practise the social sciences in the twenty-first century. The book brings together leading social scientists from the Asia-Pacific region. We argue for the benefit of dialogue between the diverse theories and methods of social sciences in the region, the role of the social sciences in addressing real-world problems, the need to transcend national boundaries in addressing regional problems, and the challenges for an increasingly globalised higher education sector in the twenty-first century. The chapters are a combination of theoretical reflections and locally focused case studies of processes that are embedded in global dynamics and the changing geopolitics of knowledge. In an increasingly connected world, these reflections will be of global relevance.