Sébastien Lacrampe

Sébastien Lacrampe is a descriptive and documentary linguist specialising in Vanuatu languages. He has worked on several Central Vanuatu languages since 2006, and has written a grammar of the Lelepa language. His main interests are at the crossroads between grammar and language shift, and particularly how grammatical description can inform processes at work in language shift. He has taught a course in Melanesian Pidgin and worked on the Austkin project.

Skin, Kin and Clan

Skin, Kin and Clan »

The dynamics of social categories in Indigenous Australia

Edited by: Patrick McConvell, Piers Kelly, Sébastien Lacrampe
ISBN (print): 9781760461638
ISBN (online): 9781760461645
Publication date: April 2018