Robert A. M. Gregson

Robert Gregson has published over 140 papers mostly in experimental applied and mathematical psychology, including statistics, cybernetics and psychophysics. He has published six books, has written a chapter for a handbook on psychophysiology, and sits on several editorial boards for international journals. His research interests include mathematical psychology, nonlinear dynamics, and psychophysics.

Informative Psychometric Filters »

Publication date: August 2006
This book is a series of case studies with a common theme. Some refer closely to previous work by the author, but contrast with how they have been treated before, and some are new. Comparisons are drawn using various sorts of psychological and psychophysiological data that characteristically are particularly nonlinear, non-stationary, far from equilibrium and even chaotic, exhibiting abrupt transitions that are both reversible and irreversible, and failing to meet metric properties. A core idea is that both the human organism and the data analysis procedures used are filters, that may variously preserve, transform, distort or even destroy information of significance.