Owen Edwards

Owen Edwards has carried out primary fieldwork on a number of languages of Indonesia, including Meto for which he wrote his doctoral thesis at The Australian National University, describing and analysing morphological metathesis. His linguistic interests include morphology, phonology, historical linguistics and Austronesian linguistics. He is the managing editor of Oceanic Linguistics and is currently based in Germany where he continues his linguistics research.

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Rote-Meto Comparative Dictionary »

Authored by: Owen Edwards
Publication date: 2021
This comparative dictionary provides a bottom-up reconstruction of the Rote‑Meto languages of western Timor. Rote-Meto is one low-level Austronesian subgroup of eastern Indonesia/Timor-Leste. It contains 1,174 reconstructions to Proto-Rote-Meto (or a lower node) with supporting evidence from the modern Rote-Meto languages. These reconstructions are accompanied by information on how they relate to forms in other languages including Proto‑Malayo‑Polynesian etyma (where known) and/or out-comparisons to putative cognates in other languages of the region. The dictionary also contains two finder-lists: English to Rote-Meto, and Austronesian reconstructions with Rote-Meto reflexes. The dictionary is preceded by three introductory chapters. The first chapter contains a guide to using the dictionary as well as discussion of the data sources. The second chapter provides a short synchronic overview of the Rote-Meto langauges. The third chapter discusses the historical background of Rote-Meto. This includes sound correspondences, the internal subgrouping of the Rote-Meto family, and the position of Rote-Meto within Malayo-Polynesian more broadly.

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