Matthew Zagor

Matthew Zagor is an Associate Professor at the ANU College of Law and Director of The Australian National University’s Law Reform and Social Justice program.


From Borders to Pathways »

Innovations and Regressions in the Movement of People into Europe

Edited by: Matthew Zagor
Publication date: 2024
From Borders to Pathways: Innovations and Regressions in the Movement of People into Europe examines the evolution of European migration policy, offering a forward-looking analysis that extends beyond traditional border controls to innovative legal migration pathways. Contributors provide an in-depth exploration of the drivers shaping migration policies, including public opinion and the rise of populist discourses, the contrasting responses to various real and imagined migrant crises, and critiques of recent policy innovations such as refugee finance schemes, ‘safe legal pathways’, and migrant lotteries. Through interdisciplinary perspectives, the authors assess socio-political, legal, geo-political and cultural shifts to advocate for a more inclusive, humane, and sustainable approach to migration. By challenging dominant narratives of deterrence, extraterritoriality and exclusion, this book advocates for policies that balance Europe’s myriad commitments, values and imperatives, highlighting the need for ethical frameworks that respect the dignity of migrants. Essential reading for policymakers, scholars, and stakeholders, From Borders to Pathways offers a comprehensive reflection on the complexities of migration in Europe, signaling a paradigm shift towards cooperation, inclusivity, and shared responsibility in global mobility.

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