Kirrily Jordan

Kirrily Jordan is a political economist with a particular interest in all aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and economic development. Her research includes analysis of various public and private sector programs designed to improve Indigenous employment outcomes, as well as the interaction of these programs with the social security system and new forms of welfare conditionality. Kirrily began investigating the Community Development Employment Projects scheme in 2009 and is currently undertaking research on its replacement—the Community Development Program—as well as other federally funded schemes including the Vocational Training and Employment Centres and Employment Parity Initiative. She is working alongside Lisa Fowkes and Will Sanders as a lead investigator on the Australian Research Council project ‘Implementing the remote jobs and communities program: How is policy working in Indigenous communities?’

Better Than Welfare?

Better Than Welfare? »

Work and livelihoods for Indigenous Australians after CDEP

Edited by: Kirrily Jordan
ISBN (print): 9781760460273
ISBN (online): 9781760460280
Publication date: August 2016