Fred Myers

Fred Myers is the Silver Professor of Anthropology at New York University. Myers has written frequently on questions of place and personhood, on Western Desert painting, and more generally on culture, objects and identity as they are understood within Indigenous communities and circulated through different regimes of value. His books include Pintupi Country, Pintupi Self: Sentiment, Place and Politics among Western Desert Aborigines (1986), Painting Culture: The Making of an Aboriginal High Art (2002) and edited volumes The Traffic in Culture: Refiguring Anthropology and Art (co-edited with George Marcus, 1995) and The Empire of Things (2001). His current project involves the repatriation and ‘re-documentation’ of film footage from 1974 with the two current Pintupi communities.

Experiments in self-determination »

Histories of the outstation movement in Australia

Edited by: Nicolas Peterson, Fred Myers
ISBN (print): 9781925022896
ISBN (online): 9781925022902
Publication date: January 2016