Dorota Gozdecka

Dorota Anna Gozdecka completed her PhD in legal theory in 2009 at the University of Helsinki, and has recently obtained the title of docent (adjunct professor) of jurisprudence from the same university. Her primary research area focuses on legal theoretical aspects related to the accommodation of cultural diversity. Her recent publications — such as Identity, Subjectivity and the Access to the Community of Rights, a special issue of Social Identities (2015), the monograph Rights, Religious Pluralism and the Recognition of Difference: Off the Scales of Justice (2015), and the edited volume Europe at the Edge of Pluralism — explore, in particular, questions of otherness created by contemporary legal regimes. Issues related to the recognition of difference and the place of the other have recently led her to shift her research focus to the area of law and humanities, and to explore the relationship between law and image in the area of migration law. Dorota has previously held research fellowships at the UC Berkeley Institute for European Studies (2013), ANU Centre for European Studies (2012–13), and the European University Institute (2008). She has won prestigious research grants, such as the University of Helsinki three-year grant for an international research project ‘Law and the Other’, which she is currently leading.

Unintended Consequences »

The impact of migration law and policy

Publication date: August 2016
This book arose from an inaugural conference on Migration Law and Policy at the ANU College of Law. The conference brought together academics and practitioners from a diverse range of disciplines and practice. The book is based on a selection of the papers and presentations given during that conference. Each explores the unexpected, unwanted and sometimes tragic outcomes of migration law and policy, identifying ambiguities, uncertainties, and omissions affecting both temporary and permanent migrants. Together, the papers present a myriad of perspectives, providing a sense of urgency that focuses on the immediate and political consequences of an Australian migration milieu created without due consideration and exposing the daily reality under the migration program for individuals and for society as a whole.