Daishi Adams

Daishi Adams is an IT technician contracted by The Australian National University to contribute to ANU Press Languages imprint. In 2016, Daishi worked on the ANU Press title Reading Embraced by Australia, the first volume of an advanced Japanese language comprehension series. Daishi’s interests lie in the use of new technologies in the education field.

Marhaba! An Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic »

Publication date: January 2023
Marhaba! An Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic is a unique student handbook specifically written and designed for flexible learning. It consists of 23 lessons that include a variety of online interactive tasks supported by a range of audio resources. Online learners develop reading, listening, speaking and writing skills at the introductory level of Modern Standard Arabic while getting an insight into the culture of the Arab world. This publication addresses the needs of a mobile and diverse cohort of Australian and international students who seek to acquire a basic knowledge of the grammar and syntax of Modern Standard Arabic, a form of the language common to all peoples of the Arab-speaking world, from North Africa to the Middle East and Asia.
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